One Funnel Away Challenge is Officially Opening

What’s goin’ on everyone? I’m excited to hear that the One Funnel Away Challenge is officially opening again! This is the challenge of change! It’s the one that changed my business. It showed me the best strategies for getting my funnel built and LIVE. And it did it all in 30 days!

In a month, I learned the “how to’s” of building my offer, creating my funnel, and driving traffic to my site.  If you don’t have a product yet, or you don’t know exactly what to offer……that’s ok! This challenge is still for you! Get started on the right financial foot for only 100 US dollars. 

What does this get you? Well, first you’ll get the 30-day book. This book was being sold on eBay for 600 USD….and you get it for 100! This book features the step-by-step instructions of 30 millionaires on how they’d go from zero back to a million bucks in 30 days if they lost it all. There’s lots of variety – with the plans of 30 different people, you’re sure to find something that resonates!

You also get an MP3 player. This MP3 player is loaded with the content of the last challenge so you can listen in advance. You get the workbook, too. And you’ll receive access to the 30-Day Summit, which is filled with exclusive recordings!

100 dollars for 30 days. That’s all it takes to create your own incredible sales funnel (a funnel template that works). This is the best gift you can give yourself.

Take action and make things happen. 

In the past, we’ve seen great interest in this. Last time, nearly 8,000 people signed up. Don’t miss your chance to join before the door closes.

Click on the button to begin. 

How to Build Your List

Growing your audience  works best by collecting email addresses.

How can you do that?This is very simple: Via an irresistible offer, a sales funnel and email marketing. Traffic? Facebook or solo ads.  This isn’t as difficult as it might sound at first. The email addresses of your readers are particularly important, because they will enable you to become separate from the social media platforms. Should these change any one of their algorithms, you won’t immediately lose all or parts of your fans. You’re no. 1 priority should always be on how to continue building your own strong list.

 Your advantages of having a large list

It has many positive aspects to have a large audience:

  • You immediately have a large number of people available (“traffic that you own”), who you can offer subsequent products to, such as books, products or online courses.
  • Through word-of-mouth recommendations, your list can help you to create a snowball effect, so that more and more people get to hear about your projects. Which is yet another important reason, why your free offer (“The BAIT”) has to be of top quality!
  • In social media, you will quickly gain likes and shares by your readers, which will increase your scope and reach to new customers overall.
  • As Beta testers/readers, your audience can help you early on to get a good idea if your product or offer is heading into the right direction or not.
  • If you sell your products on Amazon, you can legally (!) ask your readers to leave you a customer review on Amazon. Lately, Amazon has become very strict with regards to fake or falsified reviews and feedback, which also includes bought reviews and feedback, as they are now strictly prohibited.

E-Mail Marketing

Isn’t this method outdated by now?

Maybe you are thinking: Email Marketing is an outdated method, isn’t there something else that is more modern? Obviously, there are many different methods available, how someone can market their products, and email marketing is one of them. Hence the reason why it is still used today, because it works. However, it is no longer such a sure-fire success like it was a few years ago, because people get so much Spam and Advertisement nowadays that they often react allergic to emails.

On the other hand, if you provide your readers regularly with a lot of information, entertainment or exclusive special offers – or in a nutshell, if you give them extra value – then this method of email marketing will still work for you.

The No. 1 Magic Word in Sales-Marketing

Complimentary content is the ticket to building your list.

„Free“ is a magic word. It literally has a magic influence on people. No other word is as effective in acquiring the attention of potential new clients than this one. FREE and complimentary content attracts a new audience. For example, on average, free e-Books reach over 40 times higher download rates compared to books, which have to be purchased.

Therefore, if you are offering one of your books as a free download, you will be able to quickly build a much stronger platform, from where you will then be able to later sell and market other products of yours. This is particularly effective for series, where you would offer the first part for free, and where you make the subsequent parts available for purchase, once the people have immersed themselves into the story. Obviously, there will always be plenty of “freeloaders”, but there are also many people out there, who search for a solution, and who appreciate a free product as a sample read – before they then go and buy more products/books/services from you.

This also works for fiction-books. There are so many authors, who have made millions this way. Mark Dawson, a British author of crime novels, gives away three of his books for free. Each one of these books leads into its own series, which contains several books. If you compare series with complimentary starter publications to series, which have to be purchased from the beginning, the cost-free starter publications will push the entire series on average by 66%. Wow!

The conclusion: You should definitely offer your readers complimentary content to bind them to you.

Most common mistake people make

Offering complimentary content of lesser quality

The first thought is often: “What? Am I supposed to give away my best book for free?” – The answer is yes. Even, if this thought feels uncomfortable, you should always choose your BEST work you have created for the complimentary offer. After all, you want your readers to be fascinated by your writing and that they can’t get enough of your work. Even, if you don’t earn a penny with this book, you will definitely make money with everything that follows (your other books / products) in your backend. However, if your free book is of lesser quality, it pretty much defeats the purpose and won’t create any subsequent buyers. Quite the opposite! Some readers might be angry (calling your work “a waste of time!), and will never again download one of your books. You have one chance. Use it.

So, what happens next?

Next, we will talk about creating your Facebook author page and what you should look out for. Subsequently, I will explain to you, why you should link your Facebook page with your website, and I will provide helpful tips and tricks to do so. Then, we will look at the way, how email marketing actually works and why it is so important for you.

Acquiring New Customers with a Sales Funnel

New Customer Acquisition & Generating New Leads 

What is a Funnel?

The majority of surveyed people told us that they achieve only very seldomly leads or actual sales– despite the fact that their website looks really good. What entrepreneurs need is what we call a “Sales Funnel”.

The Funnel: Your Tool for Automated Success

Funnel has the literal meaning of the word and describes the process of making people interested in you, and to then transform these people more and more into fans until they trust you enough to buy your product. Obviously, you won’t convince every single one of your fans to actually purchase something, which explains the reason why this process is being compared to and looks like a funnel. 

Sales-Funnel is a cleverly automated marketing tool, which will help you get interested people to follow you and to turn them into customers.

Funnels are – besides your perfect Facebook fan page, your website or your blog – an essential element of content marketing to turn potentially interested readers into buying customers.

Fun Facts

Recently, 30,000 customers were surveyed, and the results were very interesting…

Those, who had one traditional website and only sold one product, achieved 540% less than those using a Sales-Funnel.

How is this possible?

  1. The sales increased by 140% as soon as a simple “order form bump” was added.
  2. An additional increase of 130% in revenue was recorded when an Upsell was added…
  3. When a down-sell was added, the income increased by an additional 133%…
  4. If all three things were added, revenue increased by overall 540%!

Yes, this literally means that for every $100, which are earned the traditional way via a normal website, the Sales-Funnel will increase the revenue to $640 – and that fully automatically.

What is the problem?

Websites weren’t invented to sell products. Websites were developed to introduce a company and the idea was to present it like for example a brochure would. So, if a sales person in your company hands out limitless brochures or flyers to potential customers in the hope that they will maybe buy something, you would be mad, or not? Well, this is exactly what is happening with your company. You might as well burn the money you are spending on marketing and advertisement. After all, this is pretty much what is happening when you send website visitors to your company website. So, if you want to sell a product or a service to make money, you will need to implement a Sales-Funnel.

This Funnel is literally the secret of the most successful online businesses. A Funnel is a series of steps, which potential clients will go through, and which will turn them into paying customers.

Funnels happen every day around you, even though you may not have noticed it.

How does a Funnel work?

Although every Funnel is individually different, most function according to the same principle:

Did you know that McDonalds pays $1.91 to get a client to use their Drive-Through? So, if they sell you a Burger for $2.09, they only make a profit of $0.18. However, if they also sell you a drink and fries, they are making an additional $1.77, which increases the profit to $1.32. This is 8x more than the original profit from the first sale. That’s quite impressive, or not? This is happening constantly around us, and yet, most entrepreneurs will create their website still like a brochure and try to sell their products or services this way. More often than not, they won’t be able to afford the hosting costs, once they spent all their money on marketing and advertising.

The solution?

If you want to sell products or services online, then you need much more than just a traditional website, and you will have to implement – much like McDonalds does – a Funnel. Instead of a McDonalds Drive-Through, your visitors will come in via a landing page, where you can collect their contact information, which enables you to contact them via their email addresses in the future. Whilst they are visiting your website, you will then be able to sell them other products and services – which is called upsell. This is pretty much how a Funnel works.

Interested people are attracted to content, which offers solutions to problems or answers on questions they may have. This content can be offered in various formats, like for example on a Facebook page, as blog entry or in Podcasts. The choice of the format should depend on the preferences of the target group: For example, if they are predominantly travel in the car for work, then they would have the time to listen to Podcasts during their travels.

To be able to send your readers personalized messages, additional content is offered together with the initial download – in exchange for their email address. Since you attract leads this way, the term used for these contents is lead-magnets. These often come in the form of e-books, manuals, checklists or case studies.

Therefore, the start of a Sales Funnel is to “warm up” the interested people. The terms “cold traffic/lead” or “hot traffic/lead” are often mentioned in this context. A cold lead would be someone, who does not know you yet, and who consequently would be relatively skeptical towards you. These people are obviously harder to convince. In the marketing world, experts often say that up to 7 contacts are needed, which explains the reason why it is so important to literally funnel as many interested people into your Sales-Funnel. Contact opportunities can happen on several different platforms or just one platform, which makes an email sequence a very effective tool, since it enables multiple direct recordings of these leads. A warm/hot lead has already had contact with you and is much easier to convince. People will predominantly buy from people they like. Keyword: Added Value.

The more quality you offer your readers, the faster they will turn into fans. People will only buy your book or product, if they have the feeling that they get a high-quality product for their money.

Once the reader is entered into your email-distribution, they will be able to receive your particular content via email. For this, automated email-series / email-sequence are being used. This way you can build up confidence and trust with your new contacts, where the reader expects helpful, suspenseful and useful information in every email. After a while, you will be able to offer your readers your offers for purchase. This will enable you also to gauge their real interest, and whether it is only in cost-free content or if these people are actually interested in becoming potential clients. You will lose a lot of people during this part of the process, if they are not interested in spending any money on your product. This is an important part of the Sales-Funnel, because it separates those, who basically just clog the space for free stuff, from those, who are truly relevant contacts.

There are some very good email marketing tools available, which can help you to create such an automated Sales Cycle (like for example Clickfunnels, which works very simply and without a designer or programmer). Here, you will also be able to download the highest converting landing pages and Funnel, which I use myself for my own leads. It works great! (You may try it yourself with their 14-day Trial free of charge.)

Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Set Up Sales And Marketing Funnels Inside ClickFunnels

Build Your Own Funnel Step By Step, in 30 Days!

I’m thrilled to announce that the One Funnel Away Challenge is back! Have you been waiting to sign up? Well, the anticipation is over: You can do so now!

This is the challenge I participated in as BETA-User when it launched in October 2018 for the first time (Read my Review HERE). In the training I learned the best strategies for generating new leads and for getting my own sales funnel built and LIVE. All in 30 days!

If you are wondering how you can generate traffic: This is very easily done via Facebook advertising. Read more about it in the next post. More traffic generating strategies are also described in detail in DotCom Secrets, a game-changing book by the ClickFunnels CEO Russel Brunson.