One Funnel Away Challenge

I’m thrilled to announce that the One Funnel Away Challenge is back! Have you been waiting to sign up? Well, the anticipation is over: You can do so now!

This is the challenge I participated in as BETA-User when it launched in October 2018 for the first time (Read my Review Here). It’s the one training that changed my business. In the training I learned the best strategies for generating new leads and for getting my own sales funnel built and LIVE. All in 30 days, for $100!

The last challenge had over 7,500 entrepreneurs!

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Along with the challenge you’ll get a book that contains 30 millionaires’ step-by-step instructions on how they’d go from zero back to a million bucks. It’s 550+ pages long! This book was being sold on eBay for 600 USD.

30 Days Contents Page 1
30 Days Contents Page 2

Daily Action Guide: Follow along and Build Your Own Funnel in only 30 Days:

You’re also going to get access to 30 more days of content and training from Julie Stoian and Steve Larsen, two of the top ClickFunnels members, and a daily action guide that allows you to build your own funnel in only 30 days. 

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OFA Team: Russel Brunson, Julie Stoian and Steve Larsen

Pre-Training: Belief
Week 1: Hook, Story, Offer
Week 2: Your Hooks and Stories
Week 3: The Funnel
1. Generate a Lead / Make a Sale
2. Clickfunnels
3. Squeeze Page
4. Sales Page / Order Form
5. OTO Page (One Time Offer)
6. Members Area
Week 4: Make it Rain!
Week 5: Post Training – The next 90 Days

This offer costs just $100, it’s the BEST investment you’ll ever make, and it’s called the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA Challenge). You get the workbook, too. And you’ll receive access to the 30-Day Summit, which is filled with exclusive recordings!

To sweeten up the Deal, you get a Bunch of Bonuses!

If you sign up via the link below, you get:

  • A 5-Day Email Sequence to Get New Clients – written by a top copywriter who has worked on high-ticket funnels. 
  • Our Step-by-Step Blueprint that’ll help you to set up your funnel from scratch to finish.
  • And, you also get the Top Secret Cheat Sheet for high-converting headlines.

So here’s what you have to do:

Step One.

Go and register to the One Funnel Away Challenge by Clicking Here:

Step Two.

Forward your confirmation email to and our team will send you the info on how to access the bonus material. 

Note: Only participants who use my link will have access to our extra offers. Sorry, no exclusions. It’s advisable to clear your browser cookies before clicking on the URL.

Are you ready to learn and grow? Are you ready to make financial freedom your new BFF? Are you ready to funnel your time into sales funnels? Then come along! Don’t miss out on this opportunity before they close the doors again. Read my Full Review Here.

Here’s what some of the last participants had to say:

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