No Product Yet?

Here are 73+ Niche Ideas to Help You Get Started

What else could interest your readers?

If you are still not sure which niche you would like to get started, you may find many useful suggestions hereafter, which hopefully help you find your niche.

Most importantly, right from the start: Simply begin! An American saying by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, says: „If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.“ The trick is literally to begin with step 1 and to follow with step 2, without thinking about step 15 yet. This way, you will learn slowly – as you go along – more and more about the process, how you can market your product and yourself correctly, and over time you will get better and better.

1. Beauty, Make-up and Looks

According to age (i.e. teenager make-up trends)

According to tutorial types (i.e. hairdos or contouring)

According to body part (i.e. beard grooming)

2. Relationships

Phase (i.e. caring for older family members, going through a divorce)

Gender (i.e. dating guide, or single fathers)

Topic (i.e. separation, dealing with difficult teens)

3. Education

Type (i.e. homeschooling, unschooling, vocational or job training, studies)

Occupation (i.e. teacher, college professor, nursery school teacher)

Subject (i.e. art teacher, machine engineering studies)

Problem area (i.e. reading or math lessons)

For parents (i.e. learning how to learn, children with ADHD)

For children (split into several age groups)

4. Business

According to start-ups and businesses

Industry specific (i.e. electronic engineer or hair stylist)

Business positions (i.e. mid-level management or store owner)

Sales or Marketing

5. Parenting and upbringing

According to age or phase (i.e. pregnancy or toddler)

According to parenting problems (i.e. potty training or extremely difficult children)

According to subject (i.e. diaper guide)

6. Food

According to diet (i.e. gluten free or low-carb)

According to food groups or types (i.e. smoothies or wine)

According to lifestyle or circumstances (i.e. meals for toddlers, or cooking for a single person)

According to experience (i.e. restaurant reviews, international foods)

7. Finances

How you can save money (including budgeting)

How to invest money (i.e. stocks, real estate)

How to spend money (i.e. shopping guide, deals or couponing)

How to make money (i.e. selling assets, second job)

8. Fitness

According to sport (i.e. Yoga, cycling, climbing etc.)

According to life stage (i.e. fitness in your 50s)

According to goal (i.e. body building, running a marathon)

9. Health

Medical reports & support groups (i.e. diabetes, neurodermatitis)

Wellness and/or holistic health (i.e. home-spa, wellness hotels)

Specific (i.e. pain management or diabetes)

10. Charities and non-profits

Charities (i.e. clean water worldwide)

Movements and communities (i.e. animal rescues and protection, free hugs)

11. Home and Garden

Décor & Design (i.e. country home or architectural planning)

Home improvements (i.e. renovation, rebuilding, maintenance, DIY)

Size (i.e. downsizing, tiny home or dream homes)

Buying/Selling (and real estate agent)

Outdoor (i.e. gardening or swimming pools)

Interior (i.e. bio-home, cleaning or organizing)

12. Pets

According to animals (i.e. horses or hamsters)

Genre (i.e. veterinarian care or funny pets)

13. Hobby

Specific articles (i.e. model train set building, stamp collecting)

Genre (i.e. crafts, sewing or hunting)

Tip: Every hobby has sub-niches (for example: photography and requisites, or photography and behind the scenes of a photoshoot) 

14. Fashion

According to style (i.e. graphic T-Shirts or bohemian)

According to demographic aspects (i.e. for children, for men, for women over 55 etc.)

According to use (i.e. swimming suits, formal clothing, business clothing)

15. Travel

According to destination (i.e. Disneyworld, international travel or activities in Chicago)

According to travel method (i.e. travelling in a camper van or airports)

According to gender and circumstances (i.e. travelling alone or travelling

with children)

16. Religion (i.e. houses of prayer, scripts)

17. Collection pieces(i.e. antique cars)

18. Self-help (i.e. anonymous alcoholics, Weight Watchers)

19. Safety

According to location or place (i.e. protecting your home or online safety)

According to problem (i.e. preventing identity theft or child safety)

Topic (i.e. owning guns or police)

20. Skills or training

Certifications (i.e. how to get one)

According to test (i.e. preparation for an entry level test, or how to obtain the green card)

How to guides (i.e. how to become a photographer)

21. Games

Development (i.e. how to design games)

According to game (i.e. all Minecraft fanatics)

According to age group (i.e. child safety on playgrounds)

According to device (Nintendo games)

According to genre (i.e. puzzles or fantasy roleplay)

22. Entertainment

According to television shows (i.e. series, game shows)

According to movies (i.e. Star Wars, Pokémon)

According to celebrity (i.e. Madonna, Michael Jackson)

Music (i.e. Rock, Jazz, Metal)

According to event (i.e. concerts, bars in Berlin)

Now you can get started! Now this will get the ball rolling!