One Funnel Away Challenge is Officially Opening

What’s goin’ on everyone? I’m excited to hear that the One Funnel Away Challenge is officially opening again! This is the challenge of change! It’s the one that changed my business. It showed me the best strategies for getting my funnel built and LIVE. And it did it all in 30 days!

In a month, I learned the “how to’s” of building my offer, creating my funnel, and driving traffic to my site.  If you don’t have a product yet, or you don’t know exactly what to offer……that’s ok! This challenge is still for you! Get started on the right financial foot for only 100 US dollars. 

What does this get you? Well, first you’ll get the 30-day book. This book was being sold on eBay for 600 USD….and you get it for 100! This book features the step-by-step instructions of 30 millionaires on how they’d go from zero back to a million bucks in 30 days if they lost it all. There’s lots of variety – with the plans of 30 different people, you’re sure to find something that resonates!

You also get an MP3 player. This MP3 player is loaded with the content of the last challenge so you can listen in advance. You get the workbook, too. And you’ll receive access to the 30-Day Summit, which is filled with exclusive recordings!

100 dollars for 30 days. That’s all it takes to create your own incredible sales funnel (a funnel template that works). This is the best gift you can give yourself.

Take action and make things happen. 

In the past, we’ve seen great interest in this. Last time, nearly 8,000 people signed up. Don’t miss your chance to join before the door closes.

Click on the button to begin. 

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