Double your Leads with the perfect Fan Page

If you want to be run ads on Facebook, you first need your own page. Most likely, you already have a private Facebook account, but I am now talking about a professional Facebook fan page, which will be your business page.

Everything revolves around them: Your Target-Audience

Before you do anything else, you should intensively focus on and define your target audience. Now, you might ask “What is a target audience?”. Basically, it is a group of people, who you will address, because you think that they could be interested in your work, services or products. A target person is pretty much exactly that, but more defined. Instead of envisioning an entire group you want to reach, you should just focus on one single person. Imagine what your preferred customer would look like, and try to be as detailed as possible. You should definitely write this down and make notes.

  • Give him or her a name, 
  • Write down their age, 
  • What kind of job they may have, 
  • What kind of hobbies they have, and
  • What they dream about in their life.

The more detailed you are, the better! This imaginative person will then become the guide to all of your posts, all of your offers and your communications, which you will literally post just for this “individual” you created. The more detailed you can envision your target person / reader, the more people will be able to identify with this image of that person, and therefore more people will be interested in your product. 

You might think that you cannot base your products on just one person, because you would like to reach everyone out there? I would think about that for a second… If you are addressing everybody out there, you are literally reaching nobody. Believe me, it really is essential and beneficial if you have just one detailed target person in your head. Let’s say, your target person is a female – obviously this won’t mean that no man will ever buy your product. Do you see what I mean?

The guide to your perfect Facebook fan page in just 5 minutes

1 – The difference to your private Facebook account

The most important difference between your Facebook fan page and your private account is that you will be able to receive comprehensive statistics with regards to your visitors, who you will be able to and which you should use. For example, you will have access to information such as the time of day, when you have the most online visitors, so that you can target your posts for this particular time frame. You will also be able to see what age group your visitors fall into and what gender they are, which you can then later utilize in your advertisements to achieve better results overall. In addition to that, you will only be able to launch advertisements from fan pages. I will come back to this topic later.

2 – How to get started

I won’t even get into all the technical details, where which button can be found, because Facebook changes these things all the time. But obviously, it is important to know where you can create your fan page. So, when you are logged into your private Facebook account, in the top right-hand corner you will see a downward pointing arrow. Click on it, and you will either see the option “create page” or can simply go to You will then be asked, if you want to create a page for a business or for a public figure.In most cases it is best, if you chose a community page, which basically means a page where you can bring people together, who share the same interests. This is a particularly good idea, because Facebook then knows that you are someone, who is not just after a quick sale and making money, much like most people are with their products, but that you want to offer useful information as well as giving your community some added value. Obviously, Facebook prefers this very much, because this way they will be able to create more income with advertisements with their own partners.

As an author and entrepreneur, who wants to market their own name, click on “create page”, then on “Community or Public Figure”, enter your name and select “Author” or “Entrepreneur”.

3 – Your name is everything

Now, we come to the name for your fan page: Use your own name, if you want to create a brand around your name (for example as author or entrepreneur, where you would market your own name), because the people are supposed to get to know you and remember you and your name.

However, it is important to remember: People won’t search Facebook for your name, if you are not known. They will search for keywords instead and those are the words you should utilize.

Two practical examples:

  1. Is your niche “dogs”, then it would make sense to call your fan page something like “Dog Training Made Easy”.
  2. Is your niche for example “babies”, you could name your community page “Babies are My Life”.

This means that interested people immediately know what your page is about and they will be able to easily find you by simply searching the keywords “dogs” or “babies”. If you already have your own blog, which also runs under your name or where your name is at least part of the blog name, like for example “Marie Muller’s Thought’s”, you will obviously be able to integrate this blog on Facebook, but you should also create the name of the fan page with one or multiple important keywords with regards to your niche topic: “Dog School Peter Parker” or “Babies are My Life – Marie Muller”. Put the keyword(s) mentioned in the title as close to the beginning of the line as it is possible,  because it will rank much higher in Facebook searches (much like in Google), and you will be found much easier.

Here too – think about your target person:What is he/she interested in and what keywords would this individual use in their searches? 

4 – One expressive profile picture

What counts for your name, also applies to your profile picture: For our previously mentioned examples, you should use either a dynamic dog picture or a cute baby photo to immediately appeal to your target groups, which would be dog owners or mothers. These days, people don’t have so much time anymore, so anything popping up in their timeline has to immediately catch their attention for them to click on it and read further.

Common mistake: Too many details in the profile picture

The profile picture is only displayed in a very small circle or square, particularly on mobile phones. It is very important to bear this in mind, when you are choosing your profile picture, which should not contain too many details. For our examples, the images should only contain one dog or one baby, instead of a whole bunch of dogs at the beach or a baby in the midst of its entire family. The simpler the picture is, the better it will work. People want to immediately recognize what a post in their timeline is about, since they don’t have the time to try and decipher a picture full of smaller details. Also, any text in profile pictures is often hard to read and should be eliminated entirely.

Most people use Facebook on their smartphones and mobile devices. This could be a mobile phone or it could be a tablet. Facebook makes it easy for us by automatically optimizing the fan pages for the individual mobile devices that are being used. Great! Be careful and watch out for a few little things: If you are choosing a title picture, which is slam-packed with tiny image details and text information, it is highly likely that not all of it will be displayed on a mobile phone, which will therefore alter the appearance of your fan page negatively, because half of it isn’t shown the way it is supposed to. It is important to decide on a title picture, which is still appealing to your target group and functioning with its outer areas being cut off. You can test this yourself on your own mobile device, just to make sure that all is in order.

5 – The page description: Your elevator pitch

The elevator pitch is a short presentation of your business in a couple of sentences. Imagine you want to impress the boss of some huge company with your idea. He steps into the elevator with you and you only have the time it take to convince him of your idea before he reaches his floor and steps out of that lift. Hence the name elevator pitch. It literally has to contain all the important information in a very short time frame (or text). The same goes for your page description: the description for your fan page should be short and sweet – so, please no novels! In this case, it is the company boss, who is now your target person. Convey in a quick and simple manner what your page is all about.

Use the WHO-WHAT-HOW Script (Who are you, What do you Offer, How will it benefit your Customer). One to two sentences are sufficient to describe in simple words is all you need.

Creativity isn’t necessarily a good thing here, because people should be able to understand your point immediately, so they can decide if your page is of interest for them or not. After all, you only want to attract the readers, who are really interested in your topic.

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