How to Build Your List

Growing your audience  works best by collecting email addresses.

How can you do that?This is very simple: Via an irresistible offer, a sales funnel and email marketing. Traffic? Facebook or solo ads.  This isn’t as difficult as it might sound at first. The email addresses of your readers are particularly important, because they will enable you to become separate from the social media platforms. Should these change any one of their algorithms, you won’t immediately lose all or parts of your fans. You’re no. 1 priority should always be on how to continue building your own strong list.

 Your advantages of having a large list

It has many positive aspects to have a large audience:

  • You immediately have a large number of people available (“traffic that you own”), who you can offer subsequent products to, such as books, products or online courses.
  • Through word-of-mouth recommendations, your list can help you to create a snowball effect, so that more and more people get to hear about your projects. Which is yet another important reason, why your free offer (“The BAIT”) has to be of top quality!
  • In social media, you will quickly gain likes and shares by your readers, which will increase your scope and reach to new customers overall.
  • As Beta testers/readers, your audience can help you early on to get a good idea if your product or offer is heading into the right direction or not.
  • If you sell your products on Amazon, you can legally (!) ask your readers to leave you a customer review on Amazon. Lately, Amazon has become very strict with regards to fake or falsified reviews and feedback, which also includes bought reviews and feedback, as they are now strictly prohibited.

E-Mail Marketing

Isn’t this method outdated by now?

Maybe you are thinking: Email Marketing is an outdated method, isn’t there something else that is more modern? Obviously, there are many different methods available, how someone can market their products, and email marketing is one of them. Hence the reason why it is still used today, because it works. However, it is no longer such a sure-fire success like it was a few years ago, because people get so much Spam and Advertisement nowadays that they often react allergic to emails.

On the other hand, if you provide your readers regularly with a lot of information, entertainment or exclusive special offers – or in a nutshell, if you give them extra value – then this method of email marketing will still work for you.

The No. 1 Magic Word in Sales-Marketing

Complimentary content is the ticket to building your list.

„Free“ is a magic word. It literally has a magic influence on people. No other word is as effective in acquiring the attention of potential new clients than this one. FREE and complimentary content attracts a new audience. For example, on average, free e-Books reach over 40 times higher download rates compared to books, which have to be purchased.

Therefore, if you are offering one of your books as a free download, you will be able to quickly build a much stronger platform, from where you will then be able to later sell and market other products of yours. This is particularly effective for series, where you would offer the first part for free, and where you make the subsequent parts available for purchase, once the people have immersed themselves into the story. Obviously, there will always be plenty of “freeloaders”, but there are also many people out there, who search for a solution, and who appreciate a free product as a sample read – before they then go and buy more products/books/services from you.

This also works for fiction-books. There are so many authors, who have made millions this way. Mark Dawson, a British author of crime novels, gives away three of his books for free. Each one of these books leads into its own series, which contains several books. If you compare series with complimentary starter publications to series, which have to be purchased from the beginning, the cost-free starter publications will push the entire series on average by 66%. Wow!

The conclusion: You should definitely offer your readers complimentary content to bind them to you.

Most common mistake people make

Offering complimentary content of lesser quality

The first thought is often: “What? Am I supposed to give away my best book for free?” – The answer is yes. Even, if this thought feels uncomfortable, you should always choose your BEST work you have created for the complimentary offer. After all, you want your readers to be fascinated by your writing and that they can’t get enough of your work. Even, if you don’t earn a penny with this book, you will definitely make money with everything that follows (your other books / products) in your backend. However, if your free book is of lesser quality, it pretty much defeats the purpose and won’t create any subsequent buyers. Quite the opposite! Some readers might be angry (calling your work “a waste of time!), and will never again download one of your books. You have one chance. Use it.

So, what happens next?

Next, we will talk about creating your Facebook author page and what you should look out for. Subsequently, I will explain to you, why you should link your Facebook page with your website, and I will provide helpful tips and tricks to do so. Then, we will look at the way, how email marketing actually works and why it is so important for you.

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